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About Us

"KAZTVERDOSPLAV" LLP welcomes you on its website.

As an official dealer of leading tool manufacturers and one of the largest suppliers of hard alloys in Kazakhstan, we will become a reliable and profitable partner for you.

Thanks to close cooperation with tungsten alloy manufacturing plants and the manufacturer of abrasive products LLC "New Abrasive Technologies", we are ready to help your company in the selection or development of carbide and abrasive tools. Our specialists will help to replace imported European and Russian metal cutting tools, and will also help you in completing your production with holders and milling cutter housings. Our company is also engaged in the supply of drilling and road-standing tools in close cooperation with such enterprises as JSC "NC "Kazavtozhol" introduces  tools on German road equipment, etc. manufacturers are not inferior in quality to imported analogues.

Since 2022, "KAZTVERDOSPLAV" LLP has been conducting its own developments in the production of special carbide tools under its own brand.

Our partners are a large number of enterprises in Kazakhstan. Among them are such giants as Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Kazzinc LLP and Kamkor Management LLP.

Thanks to our joint efforts, we will bring the industry of Kazakhstan to a new level!